Launching your Store & Not Making Many Sales is Frustrating!

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There could be a large number of reasons why you aren't getting the sales and traffic you originally expected. Without systematically changing elements on your site you won't really know what the issue is though and you will continue to spend money and not make money.
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Launching your Store & Not Making Many Sales is Frustrating!

There could be a lot of reasons why you aren't making sales on your Shopify store...

We will help you figure out why & how to fix it!

  • You are Confusing People...

    You're not speaking to your target audience and people are leaving your site feeling confused.

  • No One Knows You Exist...

    You're not getting your site in front of the right audience or you aren't doing any marketing or social media outreach

  • Your Site Needs a Facelift...

    You're site is too cluttered or confusing to quickly purchase from which just makes potential customers leave.

Ready to Turn your Shopify Store into a Conversion Machine?

It's totally possible no matter how long ago you launched your store (and even easier) than you think.

Course Curriculum

This online class has 9 lessons in it and will take you through how to increase your conversions on your Shopify store in about 2 hours.

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    Welcome to Increase your Conversion Rate!
    • Introduction
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    Let's get started!
    • Setting up Goal Funnels
    • Store Analytics
    • Download the Google Analytics Guide
    • Different Apps to Use
    • Download the Shopify Apps Guide
    • Abandoned Carts
  • 3
    Next Steps...
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Before you go...

Stop guessing why you aren't making sales online & instead get actionable

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